3,000 Miles

It has been quite the journey when I took up running in 1990 after I knew my 125 lb. frame couldn’t take the hits and pounding of football. (Ahhhh… the days of great metabolism and being able to eat 3 Big Macs and feel fine). Ever since joining cross country and track in high school, I have never looked back. It was a sport in which I could participate in and have fun with. I was never the fastest nor did I run the furthest, but I always gave my full effort to compete against myself and my previous times. I never knew that I would continue my running journey at the ripe age of 47.

I’ve experienced the highs and lows of running competitively. The thrill of finishing races and knowing you’re mentally drained, physically exhausted – yet still feel accomplished. I’ve also experienced plenty of ice packs, cold/hot creams and cramps that would rival my wife’s cycle on any given day. (just less shouting…)

I love knowing I’m passing on my running habits (as I run side-by-side) to my kids. It is awesome to talk strategy of pacing our runs, beating the boys ahead of us in races and pushing to go that extra city block without walking. To see my kid’s passion and sweat as they accomplish goals this early in their lives is pure joy as I started late taking up running as a hobby. I know that someday they will be finishing way ahead of me at the finish line wondering, “Where is dad at?” And you know what?

I’m proud of that!I am happy to report that a “Casey” milestone took place recently since I began run-tracking with Nike+ on my 13 year anniversary. I finally hit a total of 3,000 running miles!

The “good” about this accomplishment for me:

  • 13 years of Nike run-tracking since June 2007. *cough* year off due to a “setback
  • 3,000 total miles = 231 miles a year.
  • In comparison – I almost ran to New York AND BACK which totals 3,250 miles.
  • I still have knees and they work!

The Bad about this accomplishment:

Technology. I’ve endured every type of Nike tracker and technology enhancement that would include carrying a huge DiscMan, shoe chip (never worked), Nike shoe tongue insert (battery died all the time), IPod Nano w/app (no GPS), IPhone app (how ridiculous did I look running with a strapped plus sized phone to my skinny arm) and currently a Nike Apple Watch.

I can honestly say that 4:00am runs have made me who I am today. Not only physically, but mentally. You learn to adapt with the struggle of going out in 4 layers of clothes with an inch of snow knowing that your mind is at peace. It is only you, the pavement and nothing else. These runs have honestly solved many of my personal struggles and have made me a better person in the long run. *pun somewhat intended*

Anyway, sorry for the long post. Here’s to the next 3,000 miles!