The Phrase

For the past 11 years my wife has dropped our kids off each morning for school and has whispered a small phrase that I have taken to heart.  As they pull up to the front of school, both kids gather up their backpacks, give kisses and spring out of the car.  Prior to running up the school entrance, they turn to my wife for the “saying”.  It is a small saying each day that helps give them that added boost of motivation to be their absolute best.  As cringey as it might be, we even picked up cheap Hobby Lobby artwork signs that mentions the same phrase for each of their bedrooms. (…yes 40% off!)

“Be Brave, Be Kind, Be True, Be You!”

To be honest, both of us could care less if either of them come home with straight A’s on their report cards.  Our goal as parents is to nurture them into being kind, caring and respectful to themselves and others.  We want them to be able to adventure into doing new things and take risks.  Finally, lead them in the right direction as they enter into into this crazy world and to push for to be their very best.  Very cliché, I know, but true.

Personally, after hearing it for so long, I can honestly say that I have never held myself accountable to our own expression.  Something that we have pushed to our kids over and over and over again.  Deep down I know I need to be more BRAVE through these hard times.  Be more KIND to my surroundings.  Be more TRUE to my own thoughts and feelings.  Finally – be more ME and try not to be someone I am not.

When something bad happens, you have three choices. You can let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.

-Dr. Seuss