My heart is heavy and broken. Words can’t express the feelings or emotions one goes through when losing a loved one, especially when it comes to a parent. I’ve put off a social post in hopes of putting together a fitting tribute to a man who has done so much for so many. My way of battling sorrow is always to smile, joke, and laugh. Deep down, it has been tough.

Growing up, he lived a tough life and I know so much of his grit was passed onto me. He was the epitome of hard work pays off. As an “old school” cowboy at heart, my Dad always found a way to place a smile on people’s faces. He brought so much joy and laughter to so many. He always made time for anyone who needed help and had a story to accompany any conversation.

I know he is in a better place. It has pulled at my heart to see him in his weakest state, knowing he was such an independent, strong man. It was nice to be by his side in his final breath and share with him so many great early family memories. He will always be a “wrangler” at heart and I will always be proud to call him my Dad.

So many close friends and family have reached out with condolences. I’ve come to find out my Dad had so many great friends over the 85 years of his life. I’ve been told so many heartwarming stories, memories, and adventures that took place throughout his life.

Billy Dean Pearson Obituary / https://bit.ly/3B2SQTK

“Welcome to Heaven Cowboy, Your Entry Fee is Paid.”

~ The Cowboy’s Prayer 😢